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Tier 1 Unreal Engine & Unity

Tier 1 Unreal Engine & Unity

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 1.Bugs City Toon Pack

Introducing Bugs City, the perfect asset pack for your next project! Bursting with colorful and unique assets, this pack guarantees to make your project stand out. The delightful toon town style, enhanced with a toon shader, is ideal for any cartoony or stylized project, while the low poly look ensures seamless integration with any mobile game.

This charming pack includes adorable assets like kettles, mushrooms, and pumpkin houses, all stylized with the captivating toon shader, bringing life and whimsy to your game world.

2.Doctor Nurse Pack with Props

Introducing our dynamic Doctor Nurse Pack with Props. This pack includes 6 fully-rigged and textured 3D doctor characters, featuring both male and female characters with 2 color variations, 13 stylized props with toon shader.

The characters come with full rigging and blendshapes, making them easy to animate and customize. Plus, they are Mixamo compatible, streamlining the animation process.

3.Medieval Lowpoly Characters

Introducing the Medieval Lowpoly Characters package with toon shader, a captivating collection featuring 16 low poly characters, perfect for adding detail and life to any game. This pack includes:

- Two Girl Elfs
- Two Chubby Goblins
- Two Tall Goblins
- Two fearless Knights
- Two Chubby Knights
- Two Peasants
- Four Traders
- Two Woodcutters
With this diverse array of characters, your game will be enriched with captivating personalities and a realistic medieval atmosphere.

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